Author Topic: Invictus [F1] Round 3: British Grand Prix - 12th July 2017  (Read 107 times)

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Q - P10
I did some TT before the race and I can't setup the Williams, it is so different to drive compared
to the Ferrari or Red Bull.
So going into the Quali when I saw the weather I was thinking i am so slow I will try 1 stop
and with only 10 cars + 1 commentator I thought it would be best to start on fresh Hards.

R - P3
I started on the Hards and had a really bad start I overtook only the commentator car :)
I wanted to conserve my tyres and not battle on the first stint but my wear was really high which
wasn't good and I think it got to do with my setup modifications.
Then people started to make mistakes and I took advantage, I knew i will stay out the longest because I
was the only car starting on Hards.
But wear being high I was getting slower and slower and wear being almost 80% I decided to pit for Mediums and go with
them untill the rain comes so i was hoping for the rain to come ASAP.
When it finally started to rain i knew we will need to do a few laps before it's time for Inters, behind me was LIP with newer tyres
and he was catching me bit by bit and when we came out of the pits on the Inters i made a really silly mistake and it allowed LIP
to pass me. The conditions where tricky and I noticed that some decided not to pit for Inters I knew I and LIP will catch them.
Still pissed at myself for getting 3 secs penalty it was actually stupid i got 2 warnings entering Becketts on lean because the car turned a bit
more than i was used to.
I am delighted to get a second Silverstone podium in IRL.

I hope more people join us, because it's really fun racing.

And too bad HRacingGreen got DSC because the final laps were intense and i think would be entertaining to watch.

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