Author Topic: Invictus [F1] Round 3: British Grand Prix - 12th July 2017  (Read 107 times)

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Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?
Pole - NotoriousL_I_P
Race Winner - TamLad
Podium - xMikexSi & Dayo
Fastest Lap - NotoriousL_I_P

What are your thoughts on what you have heard/saw from the 2017 edition so far?
I have concerns about the handling model and I hope it gets resolved prior to release.

Do you think Kvyat will last another season on F1?
He'll be very lucky if he does get another year. It will be interesting to see what happens with driver movement.

What are your hopes for the British Grand Prix?
I'm hoping for a top 3 finish but it'll be difficult in the Torro Rosso.