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Re: Invictus F1 - Steward's Office
« on: May 30, 2017, 07:14:03 pm »
Video link:
Time of incident in video: All of it.
Drivers involved: Sambam.
League (Performance, No-Assists): Performance.
What happened: The start of the clip shows Sambam's dot on the mini map rapidly slow down. I can only assume that his first attempt in crashing himself out didn't work. In the second phase of the clip you can see Sambam in front of me intentionally crashing into the barrier at turn 3 and this time actually retiring and causing the safety car to come out.
How did it affect your race?: It didn't affect my race but it definitely affected the lead cars in terms of grid positions. I'm sure that those drivers weren't very happy that they lost out on more points because of this happening as some would have had more penalties than others or vice versa.
Was the issue rectified by the driver involved?: No

The Stewards could not determine whether or not Sambamkid intentionally or accidentally incurred Terminal Damage to retire which resulted in the appearance of the Safety Car from the evidence provided; therefore no action has been taken.

Members are reminded that if anyone deliberately crashes their car in order to bring out the Safety Car they will be severely punished.

6.9 - Retirements - If you wish to retire from the race, you should find a safe place to pause the game and retire from the session (eg the pits). You MUST NOT deliberately destroy your car in order to retire. Doing so may result in a 30 SECOND penalty.

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