Author Topic: Invictus F1 - Steward's Office  (Read 336 times)

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Re: Invictus F1 - Steward's Office
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:03:17 am »
Video link:
Time of incident in video: All of it
Drivers involved: Myself and Narayan
League (Performance, No-Assists): Performance
What happened: Two cars collided at the start. I overtook Mike in the process but as it was under yellow flags I gave the position back to him. Narayan was on my inside for the next corner and the inevitable happened.
How did it affect your race?: I was 5th and I went straight to the back of the pecking order.
Was the issue rectified by the driver involved?: He apologised to me after the race and conceded that his thumb slipped and his car drove straight into mine. Unfortunately the damage was already done at that point.
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