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Re: Invictus F1 - Steward's Office
« on: April 28, 2017, 02:42:09 pm »
Video link: Time of incident in video: 0:24 onwards.
Drivers involved: Myself & Rusty - Hulkenburger
League (Performance, No-Assists): Performance
What happened: Coming to the end of the Hangar Straight, I had great drive out of Stowe and made a move on the inside of Rusty at Vale. I believe that he did see me coming down the inside, yet he still didn't give me enough room and it resulted in an unnecessary collision. I included a similar overtake that I did on Hulkenburger (0:00 - 0:23) in which he saw me coming down the inside and gave me the perfect amount of room. 
How did it affect your race?: I spun and lost three positions.
Was the issue rectified by the driver involved?: No. He just carried on.

Video link: Time of incident in video: Whole video.
Drivers involved: Myself & Rusty.
League (Performance, No-Assists): Performance.
What happened: At the end of the Hanger straight there was a sudden yellow flag. Coming out of Stowe it appeared as if Rusty had spun or had been in an incident. He then decided to drive back onto the racing line which really caught me by surprise. Yes it may have ghosted our cars but just as I got closer the cars stopped ghosting so I quickly reacted and drove off track to get around him.
How did it affect your race?: I didn't lose any positions but if I wasn't paying enough attention we certainly would have collided if the cars didn't ghost again. Driving back on track like that is ridiculous and unacceptable.
Was the issue rectified by the driver involved?: No.

In relation to the first incident involving Sargent_009 and RuStY-7F17 the stewards have decided that this is a racing incident and that no further action was warranted. The second incident was covered in the above post from UK-Tranquillity.
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