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Invictus [F1] Sign-up / Re: Invictus [F1] - MEMBER SIGN-UP
« on: November 01, 2017, 10:32:22 pm »
- Your PSN- Muffit-69
- Your age- 46
- What evening(s) are you available?- Monday, Tuseday.
- What league(s) are you interested in joining?- Performance League
- What assist you have used in previous F1 Titles? - Corner Line, Auto gears
- An introduction of yourself, including whether you have online league racing: Complete online rookie, tried drop in sessions on F1 2016 but its just a demolition derby and a waste of time.  Did sign to a league (PSGL) in late 2016 but never got to drive as it was full.
- Speed test result:
28 Mbps download/ 18 Mbps upload

Hey Muffit, sign up here at new site and, best of luck 👍

Invictus [F1] Sign-up / Re: Invictus [F1] 2017 League Sign-up
« on: August 11, 2017, 01:52:28 pm »
Realistic Performance - Evening Pending
F2- Wednesday

Race winner, Cliffy
Podium, Cliffy, LK, Spud.
Last race, I crashed with Unomi on lap 8 so another DNF. Such a pity though, I was enjoying it.
F1 2017, can't wait.
Drivers title, I'm going for Spud but it could be any one of Spud, Craig, LK or Mike. I like to wish them all the best of luck in Japan. I hope their race goes well.

Winner next race? Not sure, so many of you guys are lighting fast so could be anyone from 5 or 6 drivers.

I did not race at COTA so nothing to say about that. I was gutted to miss it though.

Fav driver? Schumacher.

Historic cars? All of them 😀👍

Race win, Spudster again.
F1 2017, just can't wait to take those classic cars out for a spin.
Kyvat, I reckon he will be at Toro Rosso for another season Ye.
British GP, it's a track I have always enjoyed. A classic old style track with fast flowing corners. I am hoping for a top 10 and not to get lapped like in Spain.

Invictus [F1] Sign-up / Re: Invictus F1 SIGN-UP
« on: July 04, 2017, 10:02:32 pm »
PSN- fascone0525
Age- 31
Days- Wednesday

Hey fella's, I am Fascone. I am looking to join Invictus Racing League for Wednesday performance League. I already race in the PSGL Formula Performance League with Mike and the gang.

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