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Invictus [F1] Sign-up / Re: Invictus [F1] 2017 League Sign-up
« on: August 12, 2017, 09:18:57 pm »
If there is only equal on Wednesdays then I join the equal league.

Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?
Reall don't want to predict, because weather and other factors may play a huge role.

What are your thoughts on Brazil last race?
When I was convinced it cannot get worse than Austria I got a hard lesson what a even
more worse race looks like :) But it happens, that's racing.

are you looking forward to the new 2017?
Oh yes, I cannot wait to start practicing no or med tc on the 2017,
the game looks very promising.

Who will win the drivers title? SIrspud, Craig, LK0299, Xmikexsi
Going in to season 2 i would never have think of being in contention for the title, I finished
5th last season and anything better I take it happily.
Whoever wins it it will be deserving.

Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?
Pole - Craig , Craig , Craig :) If he is in the Red Bull he cannot be caught.

Fastest Lap - Kieran

What are your thoughts on Austria last race?
My worst IRL race ever. Quali didn't go as planed and I had to be ok with P6.
Race, after a spin in T1 on the start I couldn't really recover, then when I could make the most of the safety car, I
didn't read the lap number right and i went twice to pit the second time for the very wrong tyres and had to pit for a 4th time,
so forget Austria.

Which famous driver (past/present) would you have as a teammate?
Michael Schumacher

First f1 game you ever played?
On a 286 PC in 1988 it was called Accolade Grand Prix. LOL

Games Hangout / Re: Gran Turismo Sport
« on: August 01, 2017, 11:28:08 pm »
I personally would hugely prefer a GT league to a Project Cars league, as a game Gran Turismo is a lot more fun and it would appeal to a wider range of drivers. I got the first Project Cars game but stopped playing it after a few weeks as it just wasn't very enjoyable, doubt I'll even get the 2nd game.

Yh, PC is more sim than GTS or F1. I used to race a lot in PC.

Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?

Pole - GamingFreak

Chicken, Betrayer, Spud, Tejuarr

What are your thoughts on USA last race?
It was hard work but very fun, got lucky with other people's penalties though.

Favourite driver of all time?
Michael Schumacher

classic cars are coming back to f12017, what classic car you would be looking forward to drive?
I can't say just one car :)

FW14B - childhood dream
F2002 & F2004 the most successful Ferrari F1 cars.


R - P10

As I saw the differential at 75% and front wing 6 I knew i am screwed as the game decided to put me on default setup.
I started on the Mediums and of course I also part broke my right side of the wing, so the car was  so hard to drive
I decided to pit on lap 7 for Mediums again trying to stay out as long as possible.
I couldn't defent properly as I had no top speed and default brake pressure is so low it meant i had to brake early.
I guess I was a big annoyance to some :)

of we go to USA and I hope no more problems like today...

Predictions -
 Pole, tamlad
Race Winner, tamlad
Podium Finishers, yarhamm, craig
Fastest Lap? mike
What are your thoughts on how your season is going so far?
Who will win the British Grand Prix on Sunday?
Fastest lap in the Toro Rosso? :)
I will be dead last :)


Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?
Pole - Tamlad or Phil or FabChicken and those three + Craig for the podium i think.

What are your thoughts on how your season is going so far?
Attendance could be better but overall i love racing with you guys.

I will put my predictions after the practice race on Monday :)


Q - P10
I did some TT before the race and I can't setup the Williams, it is so different to drive compared
to the Ferrari or Red Bull.
So going into the Quali when I saw the weather I was thinking i am so slow I will try 1 stop
and with only 10 cars + 1 commentator I thought it would be best to start on fresh Hards.

R - P3
I started on the Hards and had a really bad start I overtook only the commentator car :)
I wanted to conserve my tyres and not battle on the first stint but my wear was really high which
wasn't good and I think it got to do with my setup modifications.
Then people started to make mistakes and I took advantage, I knew i will stay out the longest because I
was the only car starting on Hards.
But wear being high I was getting slower and slower and wear being almost 80% I decided to pit for Mediums and go with
them untill the rain comes so i was hoping for the rain to come ASAP.
When it finally started to rain i knew we will need to do a few laps before it's time for Inters, behind me was LIP with newer tyres
and he was catching me bit by bit and when we came out of the pits on the Inters i made a really silly mistake and it allowed LIP
to pass me. The conditions where tricky and I noticed that some decided not to pit for Inters I knew I and LIP will catch them.
Still pissed at myself for getting 3 secs penalty it was actually stupid i got 2 warnings entering Becketts on lean because the car turned a bit
more than i was used to.
I am delighted to get a second Silverstone podium in IRL.

I hope more people join us, because it's really fun racing.

And too bad HRacingGreen got DSC because the final laps were intense and i think would be entertaining to watch.


Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?

Spud or Chicken, Chicken or Phil ... Craig, Spud, Lk ... fastest lap - Craig

What are your thoughts on what you have heard/saw from the 2017 edition so far?
For us league races there were no real news yet, except maybe you can run identical classic cars..

Do you think Kvyat will last another season on F1?

What are your hopes for the British Grand Prix?

Get a podium like in last season, I really love Silverstone and it would be a blast to be high up.


Q - P2
I couldn't get one good lap, I did some quali practice before the race in quick race and I had no problem
doing 21.3-5 with the Ferrari.
But in the real quali I couldn't get one good lap on the tarmac, with the mediums i didn't warm them up OK and I wasn't
aggressive enough. Then went out on the Softs and totally botched middle of sector 2 and the whole sector 3 section
as on the last Soft attempt,
but I knew I had good race pace I was OK with taking P2.

R - P3

Start was OK i knew i couldn't overtake LK i backed off but then a racing accident happened and I was spun off track,
I let also Yarhamm through because he also suffered from my spin as he had a good start and was right behind.
Then the safety car went out, I made a tactical error not to pit for Mediums and I opted to stay on my Softs which i thoght will be quicker than people
on mediums or hards, I found myself at P7 at the restart I gained a few places and on lap 10 i went into the pit for the hards which i took to the end,
my hards were very used when LK came with fresh hards out of the pits I had no answer so he easily overtook me
out of the last corner because he had much better traction coming out and I settled for P3.

I am happy for Spud, he drove a perfect race without any mistakes and he deserves this victory!


I was looking before and I wanted to post that the points don't reflect the new rules,
but you Malc alredy updated it :) :)

Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Fastest Lap, Podium Finishers?
Pole - Spud, Phil or FabChicken Spud, Spud, Chicken, Phil

What are your thoughts on the Chinese Grand Prix?
Oh after the first 4 laps i thought that's it i had a very bad broken wing and i was down to i think last,
but then the safety car rescued my race i pitted for fresh inters and went to the end and I profited massively
by people getting punctures or just pitting and the result was just amazing.

Do you think Vettel will receive further punishment? Do you think he should?
Maybe and I think it was enough.

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