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    IRL F1 World Championship
    Round 8
    Japanese Grand Prix

    Round 8 of the Invictus World Championship moves to Japan for the Japanese Grand Prix.

    The Japanese Grand Prix is a race in the calendar of the FIA Formula One World Championship. Historically, Japan has been one of the last races of the season, and as such the Japanese Grand Prix has been the venue for many title-deciding races, with 13 World Champions being crowned over the 30 World Championship Japanese Grands Prix that have been hosted.

    The first two Formula One Japanese Grands Prix in 1976 and 1977 were held at the Fuji Speedway, before Japan was taken off the calendar. It returned in 1987 at Suzuka, which hosted the Grand Prix exclusively for 20 years and gained a reputation as one of the most challenging F1 circuits. In 1994 and 1995, Japan also hosted the Pacific Grand Prix at the TI Circuit, making Japan one of only seven countries to host more than one Grand Prix in the same season (the others being Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the USA). In 2007 the Grand Prix moved back to the newly redesigned Fuji Speedway. After a second race at Fuji in 2008, the race returned to Suzuka in 2009, as part of an alternating agreement between the owners of Fuji Speedway and Suzuka Circuit, perennial rivals Toyota and Honda. However, in July 2009, Toyota announced it would not host the race at Fuji Speedway in 2010 and beyond due to a downturn in the global economy,and so the Japanese Grand Prix was held at Suzuka instead. Suzuka has hosted the Japanese Grand Prix every year since 2009.


    • mike has got to finish at least 2nd and craig - DNF, LK - DNF, Spud to finish below 8th - to win title
    • LK has got to finish either 1st or 2nd,and hope Craig, Spud and Mike should get lower than 7th
    • Craig8728 - has got to finish above spud by more than 7th place, dms ,daaking sure
    • Sirspud -must beat the other top 3 contenders, and will be champion

    Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?
    What are your thoughts on Brazil last race?
    are you looking forward to the new 2017?
    Who will win the drivers title? SIrspud, Craig, LK0299, Xmikexsi

    IRL F1 World Championship
    Round 7
    Brazil Grand Prix

    Round 7 of the Invictus World Championship moves to South America for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

    The Brazilian Grand Prix (Portuguese: Grande Prêmio do Brasil) is a Formula One championship race which is currently held at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace in Interlagos neighborhood, Socorro district, São Paulo.

    Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?
    What are your thoughts on Austria last race?
    which famous driver (past/present) would you have as a teammate?
    first f1 game you ever played?


    ROUND 6

    IRL F1 World Championship
    Round 6
    Austrian Grand Prix

    Round 6 of the Invictus World Championship moves to Austria for the Austrian Grand Prix.

    The Austrian Grand Prix has been held at two different locations in the Zeltweg area located in Spielberg in southeastern Austria. It was first held at an airfield there for two years, then a permanent race track called the Österreichring was built in 1969 and Formula One first raced there in 1970 and each subsequent race has been held there in three distinct periods as the circuit has been redeveloped and sold.

    Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?
    What are your thoughts on USA last race?
    Favourite driver of all time?
    classic cars are coming back to f12017, what classic car you would be looking forward to drive?

    IRL F1 World Championship
    Round 5
    USA Grand Prix

    Round 5 of the Invictus World Championship moves through America to the USA Grand Prix , currently hosted in Texas.

    The United States Grand Prix is a motor race which has been held in the U.S. on and off since 1908, when it was known as the American Grand Prize. The race later became part of the Formula One World Championship. Over 44 editions of the race have taken place at 10 locations in total. Since 2012, it has been held at the Circuit of the Americas in Elroy, Texas (12 miles (19 km) south of Austin).

    Predictions - Pole, Race Winner, Podium Finishers, Fastest Lap?
    What are your thoughts on germany last race?
    Who will win the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday?

    IRL F1 World Championship
    Round 10
    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    The Invictus Racing League finishes of the World Championship at Yas Marina, for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The circuit was designed by Hermann Tilke, and is situated on Yas Island, about 30 minutes from the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. Yas Marina is the second Formula One track in the Middle East, with the first being in Bahrain. A two-day GP2 Asia Series test was held to officially open the circuit, which was held a week before the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It also hosted the opening event for the Australian V8 Supercars series, the Yas V8 400, in February 2010. Outside motorsport the circuit was used for the final stage of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Tour cycle race in 2015. The circuit has FIA Grade 1 license.

    Last time out Uk-Tranquillity won the race at brazil and took his first ever title of the Invictus Leagues with sambamkid and Spud finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

    As stated, UK-Tranquillity won the Driver's Championship Title. craig looks certain to finish 2nd in the drivers, and rdh looks certain to finish 3rd in the drivers. from 4th to 9th will be a battle along the way to finish high. Constructors winners have been confirmed by tranquilly and Malc.

    Predictions - Pole, Fastest Lap, Race Winner, Podium Finishers?
    Have you enjoyed your first ever season at Invictus?
    who has impressed you the most this season?
    anything you would like to add/remove in the league?

    IRL F1 World Championship
    Round 8
    Mexico Grand Prix

    The Mexican Grand Prix (Spanish: Gran Premio de México) is an FIA-sanctioned auto race held at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City. It first appeared as a non-championship event in 1962 before being held as a championship event from 1963-1970 and 1986-1992. The Grand Prix returned in 2015 at the Mexico City circuit.

    Predictions - Pole, Fastest Lap, Race Winner, Podium?
    best memory of mexico grand prix?
    if you had to pick 3 classic tracks to come back to F1, what would it be and why?

    IRL F1 World Championship
    Round 6 (RE-RUN)
    USA Grand Prix

    Round 6 of the Invictus Performance League, hosted in Belgium, finished in controversy and has resulted in the governing body deciding to re-run Round 6. The Circuit of the Americas has been chosen to host this week's race.

    The Circuit of the Americas is a really interesting engineering challenge consisting of fast corners, a long straight and a slow-speed section; getting the compromise right between these different challenges is the key to maximising performance. Sector 1 is very fast and flowing, through which the car needs a very good front end which is followed by a heavy braking area and it’s absolutely essential to get that right. Even though you may have set up the car for the high-speed section, you need to make sure that it has the rear stability to allow the driver to attack the low-speed corners. It’s a classic compromise that’s difficult to get right.

    The Circuit of the Americas is an incredibly unique track, Turn 1 is steeper than Raidillon at Spa as it climbs more quickly in a shorter distance, and the complex fast-flowing turns, along with Maggots-Beckett-Chapel at Silverstone and the Esses in Suzuka, it is one of the best sections of track of the season.

    Predictions - Pole, Fastest Lap, Race Winner, Podium?
    Are you a fan of the track?
    What's your thoughts of Invictus Racing so far? Is there anything you would like to improve, see happening or suggest?

    Out of all the F1 cars past and present that dominated the sport, which one would you want to drive the most and why?
    Ferrari F2004 or the williams hills car 96 - both love them cars

    IRL German GP Predictions - Pole, Fastest Lap, Race Winner, Podium Finishers?
    Pole - Spud
    Fastest Lap - nitrogash
    Race winner - Craig
    Podium - Craig, UK-Tranquillity, Spud

    Where are you hoping to finish in the IRL German Grand Prix?
    try to get some points to beat Tranquillity and craig

    What are your thought's on yesterday's F1 race at Russia?
    absolutely boring race

    Other than F1, do you follow any other sport?
    love football (wolverhampton wanderers), darts, rugby, boxing, tennis, sometimes nhl,

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